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Steven McKnight.

Steven is a product and marketing leader who’s worked exclusively with startups throughout his career. Over the past 12 years leading product management and marketing at high-growth startups, he’s been able to grow and successfully exit several of them. By focusing on understanding the needs of the end user and data-driven company/department goals, he’s able to lead these teams to success.

Steven has years of experience working with startups. As a founding employee and Head of Product at Atmosphere TV, he was able to achieve several noteworthy milestones while growing the company to a $2B+ valuation:

  • 2-4x annual network growth over previous 3 years
  • 2x increase in per-device monetization
  • 90% reduction in network downtime
  • 3x increase in website conversion/signup rates

Steven has also worked with more established startups such as Unity Technologies - which IPO’d in 2020 and has a current market cap of more than $11B. As Head of Product at Chive Media Group, he was able to increase monetization by 50% (+$4M/yr revenue) and user engagement by 90%, leading to continued growth.

Steven spends his time building out his new development agency (Jetpack Technologies) with Shawn, spending time with his newlywed bride (as of April 2022), and learning more about hockey.

Shawn Mayzes

Hockey and technology are in Shawn’s blood. From a young age, Shawn combined his passion for hockey with his competitive nature to pursue excellence in the sport. He’s accomplished:

  • Participated to Molson Canadians #AnythingForHockey hockey game on top of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Founded and current GM + player of BC Deaf & Hard of Hearing Hockey Program.
  • Gold medal - Team Canada Winter Deaflympics hockey team.
  • Various Medals - Team BC, Team West - Deaf hockey
  • Former hockey coach and hockey skating instructor

Shawn has spent decades working at startups, founding several of his own in the Vancouver area. He helped found Next Decentrum ($5+ million raised), development agency Jetpack Technologies, and was an engineering leader at Sycle ($78 million exit).

In his free time (outside of his family) Shawn remains engaged in the local hockey and tech communities, mentoring young developers, co-organizing the PHP Vancouver developer meet up, speaking at tech conferences, and playing hockey 2-3x per week.


Shawn is a seasoned technology leader and hockey expert, one who’s grown multiple companies from ideation to market success and knows how to build a high-performing team. Steven is a product and marketing leader who knows how to take an idea and execute the product vision in order to make it successful. With their industry knowledge and domain expertise, they’re ideally suited to take you on your first Jetpack ride.

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